Monday, June 29, 2009


Wacko Jacko was born in August 29, 1958 at Gary, Indiana, USA. 10 years later, I was born. 42 years later, my princess was born. On June 25, 2009, two days after her 9th birthday, she was shocked by the world story of the day..... the King of Pop is dead.

When THRILLER album hit the counter all over the world, I was in Form 3 and `BEAT IT' really beat me with fondest memories in my life as teenager. I enjoy his songs very much over the years, as time goes by, album by album.

Wacko Jacko at his age like AMNI

But for AMNI? I never know that my princess was a fan of Wacko Jacko. Last weekend, CNN & BBC channel is a must for her. She control the ASTRO remote, from morning till night.... just for the purpose of updating her with the latest stories of the late Wacko Jacko. It was like a tornado for me, for the 1st time ever, I heard AMNI sang a thriller song while helping me cooking.

This is our conversation...

`Amni, do you like Michael Jackson?' and she replied`yes mama'

`When did you start admiring Michael Jackson?'
The answer was
`I really like Michael Jackson when I fisrt saw his Thriller video clip.
He reallly likes a monster mama'

Straight in my mind at that time, `What a man he was!! Acting and singing like a monster can give a big impact to a child. Yes, Michael Jackson is really a monster... a monster in music entertainment. 42 years of age gaps has no different..... music makes them together as one.

Tears drop, remembering Michael Jackson hearted voice in this lyrics....

We are the world
We are the children
We are the one who make a brighter day so let start giving.....

I'm out of voice when AMNI said, `Mama, Michael Jackson Islam kan! His muslim name now is Mikael kan mama. Why are they still keep him? Why they delay his funeral? Why they still want to investigate his body? Pity Mikael kan mama'.

Look!!!!!.... a small fan of him can still think about the soul of Mikael. She wanted Mikael to rest in peace at the best place....

We are telling our children ABOUT WORLD
but sometimes
children is telling us what is WORLD ABOUT

Mums thought....... If Lady Diana builds loves in children heart through her contribution in charity activities, Michael Jackson will forever young, put loves in children lives with his songs and music...... same goes to the one and only, our P.Ramlee.

Al Fatihah.


Naddiea said...

kak,x sangka generasi baru macam amni pun minat jacko yer.anyway kak, nadia pun minat jacko jugak.paling suka lagu beat it.macam akak jugak la.

kak,saya sedih mcm nk nanges pun ada bila dgr berita kematian jacko ni.walaupun dia banyak kontroversi tp dia cuma manusia biasa.Harap2 status agama Jacko ni x dipertikai.kalo benar2 dia Islam harap2 org kat sana akan sempurnakan dia sesempurna jenazah umat Islam yang lain.Wallahuallam...

EIPUL said...

saya tak penah dengar lagu jacko ni. Tak pernah fancy pun dengan dia sebenarnya. Haha. Tapi orang dolu-dolu mesti banyak sweet memory masa era-era Jacko meletup. Wuhoo! Dah mati pun dia sekarang. :p

MaMaQaYPo FaMiLy said...

Lagu2 Jacko will GROW 4ever in my Heart.. terutama BEN...

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I'll never be alone
And you my friend will see
You've got a friend in me

Ben, you're always running here and there
You feel you're not wanted anywhere
If you ever look behind
And don't like what you find
There's something you should know
You've got a place to go

I used to say, "I" and "me"
Now it's "us", now it's "we"

Ben, most people would turn you away
I don't listen to a word they say
They don't see you as I do
I wish they would try to
I'm sure they'd think again
If they had a friend like Ben

uwaaa... CEDIH ni... :(

MariaFaizal said...

The day we lost him , I was still okay till i got on inside the car and for the whole day, the Radios would be spinning MJ's songs.

Then, I realised that the King of Pop was gone & it got straight to my heart - the sadness & emptiness.

P.S : Sorry sis been busy lately :(
Take care sis!

Dj Epoi said...


Alhamdulilah...Mikael akan dikebumikan mengikut Adat ISLAM..


echah_syed said...

anak bujang combi sejak umo 4 tahun dah suke dgn jacko ni..dulu hanya tape jer kan tp berabis dia dok tgk sambil baring hisap botol dgn bantal busuk.. :p

combi dgr berita kematian jacko kat mhi tv3 jam 6.45am rasanyer.terus sms dia sbb dia otw nak gi pertandingan drama b.inggeris dikk..

dia ckp masa terima berita tu semua org dlm bas terdiam sunyi sepi..terkedu kot :(

apapun kematian dia pada subuh jumaat yg barakah.hanya dia dgn yg diatas jer yg tahu.


jom gi umah combi kira duit.. :)

Anonymous said...

yani suke lagu dye tajuk :
-fall again
-you're not alone

sob sob, sedih ;(